me Tastefully offensive contradictions.

Some things i mean. Somethings i don't.

"I was like, good gracious ass is bodacious. Flirtatious, tryin’ to show faces. Lookin’ for the right time to shoot my steam"

— Nikola Tesla

Vampire!Lynz - [2/?]

Vampire!Lynz - [2/?]

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"Ho, go home and wash out your beaver."

— Napoleon Bonaparte

Fucking red coats

Picasa by Google is sooo annoying. It lacks some of those most obvious fucking features. Turning screenshot take-over off would be nice. Syncing the SUB FOLDERS of a folder that you are syncing online is another. There are so many.

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The best salary is illusory.

"Maharajah Donald" (1947) by Carl Barks

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"Juice by Tappy! Tappy’s got juice!"

— Barack Obama (2009)


i was hoping Organix could fill the void that was left went St Ives discontinued their very minty shampoo. But, damn, this shit dries the fuck out of my hair. Reviews on Amazon and other merchant websites are generally very favorable. However, forums tend to paint a different picture and one that coincides with my experience.

Astronaut, Juggernaut, Forget-Me-Not (2004)

The rainbows that you killed
In the dark
While I smiled and kept you alive
Interested in anything
As long as we both danced in the rain together

And I can’t help but think
You’re the most beautiful thing

In the halls we walk
At different times
Your cheek catches my eye
Pretending to hate you
Is becoming hard
Lying to myself
Is like making masks and lighting them on fire

Give me your hand, bitch
Just give me your fucking hand
So I can sweep you off your feet
One last time

Climbing up the steps of an old courtyard
Grabbing corner stones and throwing them into nothingness
This is everything I wanted
This is everything I may deserve
Withered by the palm of my hand
Just dry for me
And I will be happy

(in light of revisiting my old journals and discovering older works, i created a separate page to put them all in:

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So apparently the laptop that Thomas Jefferson used to draft the Decoration Of Independence was found in Virginia.


b&w blog


b&w blog

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A successful first day at school.


A successful first day at school.

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